Landscaping, Lawn Care and Snow Removal Flyers: the Secret to Making Them Effective



While I strongly believe that the internet is the most powerful marketing tool we have at our disposal, there are other time tested ways of acquiring new clients. This post will be focused on one of my favourite offline marketing strategies for landscaping and lawn care business owners:

Writing personalised flyers for your customer’s neighbours.

In my opinion, flyers are one of the most effective tools you can use to attract new clients. Some of you may be sceptical, but keep reading.

You can find exclusive FREE flyer templates below:

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The Difference Between Good Flyers and Bad Flyers

The reason that most business owners fail to effectively market with flyers is because they go with a mass distribution approach- they think that by delivering flyers to thousands of random houses, that they’ll be sure to gain at least a few customers out of it.

The key to succeeding with flyer marketing, is to realise that less is more. By distributing fewer flyers in a more personal way, you’ll get much better results.

Now you’re probably thinking, “How do I get people to read my flyers, instead of throwing them in the trash? And what’s a personal flyer, anyway?”

To get people to read your flyers, you should start thinking of them as personally written letters. The truth is, people will be much more receptive to a flyer if they know it was written specifically for them. By being friendly and approachable, your customer’s neighbours will be much more receptive to the flyers you’ll be distributing throughout the neighbourhood as you wrap up the job site.

Here are three great spots to place your flyers to advertise to your client’s neighbours (courtesy of this post from

  • under the neighbours vehicle’s windshield wipers
  • hand them directly to any neighbour you see walking past the job site
  • tape them on the front doors of near by homes

These are just ideas to spark your creativity. Feel free to experiment with your use of flyers!

Flyers: Key Elements

A good headline: In a few short sentences, explain who you are and how your services can benefit the potential customer. This is key, and the headlines in the above templates are some of the best we’ve come accross.

A clean layout and image: Since your customer’s time is valuable, they’ll probably decide within a second or two if they’ll take a look at your flyer. That’s why you need an eye catching image and layout. You can establish trust by including images of yourself or the work truck they’ve seen parked in their neighbourhood. A logo can also give your flyers a professional edge.

A description of your services: Your clients need to know which services you offer so they can decide if you can benefit them. A bullet point format accompanied by some price estimates is more than enough information for this section.

An incentive: To give an extra push to interested customers, include an incentive coupon or discount offer on your flyer. People find these hard to ignore (especially if they met you!), and might even tell others about them too too.

Contact information: Finally, include your contact information. This depends on the specifics of your business and it’s services. You should include your phone number and which times you answer the phone, as well as which days you are available for free estimates. Don’t forget to list your website for those that want additional information.


Final Step

Stop reading, and start printing! The only way these flyers are going to generate more sales for you is if you have them when you need them. Make sure to get your own custom flyer design above so you don’t miss an opportunity to use the online landscaper’s flyer marketing strategy.